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Top 5 questions about legal online casinos in NJ

At, we've answered thousands of user questions. Below are the top 5 questions we get - click on any to expand the answer. And you can always chat with us (bottom right) or send us an email if you have more questions!

1. How do I tell a legal NJ online casino from an illegal one?

It's simple. Legal online casinos in New Jersey are regulated by the NJ Division of Gaming Enforcement. All you have to do is look for this seal on the website you're visiting to know that it's a legal NJ online casino: DGE Seal At, we only feature casinos that are licensed and legal in NJ. Look out for other sites that promote casinos as "legal" when they really aren't.

2. Who can play at NJ's legal online casinos?

Anyone 21 and over who is located within the state at the time they play. You don't have to be a resident - you just have to be in the state.

3. How do I make a deposit at NJ's legal gambling sites?

There are several ways, including:

  • Credit and debit cards
  • Electronic Checks (ACH)
  • Bank Wires
  • Cash (at 7-11 or at the casino cage)
  • Prepaid cards
Each casino handles things a little differently, but the above should give you a general idea of how to deposit at NJ's casino sites.

4. Who regulates legal online casinos in NJ?

The industry is overseen by the NJ Division of Gaming Enforcement (DGE), the same agency that regulates Atlantic City casinos. In order to legally offer online gambling, NJ casinos must have a license from the DGE. The DGE maintains a list of licensed online gambling sites on its website. All online casinos operating in NJ partner with one of the land-based casinos in Atlantic City.

5. Why do NJ casinos ask me for personal information at signup?

Because they are required to by law. In order for casinos to control fraud, money laundering, and other types of abuse - such as underage players making accounts - it's important that they verify you are who you say you are. Usually the information requested is fairly limited, and may include address, some part (or all) of your social security number, and phone number. Your information is encrypted and protected just as it is when you bank or shop online.

The latest New Jersey online casino offers

NJ Licensed Online Casinos

How did online gambling become legal in New Jersey?

New Jersey regulated online gambling sites in 2013. The industry is overseen by the NJ Division of Gaming Enforcement (DGE).

In order to legally offer online gambling, NJ casinos must have a license from the DGE. The DGE maintains a list of licensed online gambling sites on its website. All online casinos that are licensed in NJ partner with one of the land-based casinos in Atlantic City.

  • Some Atlantic City online casino sites are a direct reflection of their land-based partner. For example, the Golden Nugget online casino is operated by the same company behind the Golden Nugget in Atlantic City.
  • Other Atlantic City online gambling sites have unique brands. For example, Virgin's online casino in NJ is operated in partnership with the Tropicana in Atlantic City. These sites are partnered with a land-based casino in Atlantic City. They are regulated and licensed in the same way.

What about NJ online casinos that aren't on the list?

It's simple: If an online casino doesn't appear on the list provided by the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement, then the casino isn't a legal New Jersey gambling site.

We cannot stress enough that you should avoid unlicensed casinos. Legal online casinos are rigorously tested by regulators and required to protect your funds. You enjoy no such guarantees at illegal, offshore online casinos. Your money is not safe at offshore casinos, and you have no way of knowing that the games are fair.

Where can I see the law and regulations that cover online gambling in New Jersey?

The regulations are available online at the website.

What are the advantages of regulated, legal online gambling sites?

Regulated iGaming sites offer several distinct advantages over their unregulated counterparts. The Lock Poker theft highlights to understand just how dangerous playing on an unregulated poker site can be.

With regulation comes enhanced player protection, which in turn leads to a more gratifying player experience. Listed below are several ways in which playing on a regulated site is advantageous to depositing funds onto an unlicensed US-facing skin.

1. Faster, more reliable payouts

Post-Black Friday online poker players care less about VIP structures, the quality of their opponents and deposit options than they do about speedy withdrawals. Compounding matters further are the hefty processing fees and limited retrieval options associated with withdrawals. And even if a player does receive a check in a timely fashion, there's no guarantee that it won't bounce.

That's not to say offshore Internet gambling sites like Bovada don't boast very good withdrawal times. It's just that even the very best US-facing sites leave their patrons vulnerable.

Consider networks like Lock Poker, which shut down and took all player balances with it.

Regulated iGaming laws provide assurance that payouts will be handled in a fast, reliable manner. In addition to laws requiring sites to provide estimated payment windows, New Jersey casinos are required to "maintain a New Jersey bank account separate from all other operating accounts to ensure the security of funds held in patron Internet gaming accounts," effectively eliminating the risks associated with offshore banking.

2. More vigorous identification verification

Well-regulated gambling sites impose more comprehensive identity verification techniques than unlicensed ones. Some would even argue that virtual casinos presided over by state officials are better equipped to monitor scrupulous behavior than land-based brick and mortar casinos.

For example, in order to register for an online account in New Jersey, players must first provide the site with a variety of sensitive information including the last four digits of their SSN or taxpayer ID. The patron's information identity is then verified in accordance with regulations set forth by the state.

In addition, New Jersey registrants are subject to "multi-factor authentication." This means their identity will be verified across existing "third-party and governmental databases." They'll also be required to set up a PIN number and provide answers to challenge questions.

Only one account per player is allowed, and the individual in charge of the account must prove that they are at least 21 years of age. Player location is tracked via sophisticated geo-location verification, ensuring that the player is physically located within New Jersey's boundaries before allowing them to partake in real-money gambling activities.

To the contrary, unregulated sites employ noticeably less rigid player verification practices.

3. Self-imposed restrictions

Gamblers can be their own worst enemy. Without an option to curtail the amount of time and money spent playing online, an expensive hobby can quickly escalate into a crippling disease. Some unregulated sites are beginning to offer a self-exclusion option, but rarely do they allow players to set daily and weekly limits for themselves.

One of the biggest benefits of playing on an online gambling site is that the regulator can track and monitor a player's gambling tendencies. But what good is data mining if the operator doesn't use the information available to prevent players from becoming self-destructive?

New Jersey will place anyone that submits a self-exclusion request on a special self-exclusion list. Players are permitted to exclude themselves from Internet gambling, live casino gambling, or both. In addition, each site is responsible for offering players the option to set daily, weekly and monthly deposit limits. Time-based limits, offered on a daily basis, will be offered as well. Of course, if players are participating in a hand or a tournament, they will be permitted to finish.

4. Suitability requirements

Before awarding an applicant an online gaming license in New Jersey, the applicant must pass the Division of Gaming Enforcement's strict suitability requirements. All too often, unregulated sites are run by unsavory figures or scrupulous companies. By enforcing minimum requirements for entry, New Jersey officials are able to successfully weed out any operator of questionable character.

Although New Jersey does not have a bad actor clause, many foreign operators have been discouraged by its stringent set of requirements. Others, like PokerStars, are having an exceedingly difficult time receiving a license.

While NJ's suitability requirement may keep some of the biggest online poker and casino sites from ever setting up shop in the Garden State, they promote player protection - one of the primary reasons why the idea of state regulated gambling become so popular among gambling proponents in the first place.

The newest NJ online casinos

The most recent casino to launch online in New Jersey is SugarHouse, which started operations in September 2016.

Several other online casinos are expected to enter the NJ market in the next year, including MGM's New Jersey online casino, a Hard Rock online casino, and possibly even a TEN online casino.

Recent updates from NJ online casinos

For the NJ online casino industry, it's been a month marked by significant milestones. Stealing the spotlight was Golden Nugget Casino, which added the exclusive Wings of the Phoenix and is rapidly closing in on 420 games. Golden Nugget also continues to make headlines via its yearlong $300 k+ Golden Race promotional extravaganza, which has already added more than $60k to player purses.

Golden Nugget wasn't the only operator actively adding new games in the past month. Caesars Casino, Betfair Casino, and Borgata Casino (among others) have vastly expanded their menus of late, with Gypsy Fire, Ghostbusters: Triple Slime, and Prosperity Twin among the standout additions.

Other frequently asked questions about New Jersey's regulated online casinos

How do I create an online gambling account in New Jersey?

Visit any legal NJ casino site and sign up. The registration process involves submitting a standard online form with your name, address, phone number and so on.

You will also have to undergo and pass a Know Your Customer check to prove your age and identity. In order to participate in real-money games you must also deposit money into your account.

What is a Know Your Customer check?

A Know Your Customer (KYC) check is the verification of a player’s identity. KYC checks are conducted by licensed third-party vendors. They verify both age and identity through the use of public databases and other identity verification methods. These methods include address verification and credit reporting agencies.

Is the process different to create a casino account and a poker account?

No, the process is the same whether you register at an online poker site or an online casino site.

Is there a minimum age requirement to open an online gaming account in New Jersey?

Yes, in order to participate in real-money online gambling in New Jersey you must be at least 21 years of age.

Can I create an account in person at a New Jersey casino?

No, all accounts must be created online through the approved websites.

Do I have to live in New Jersey to open an account?

No. You can register your account from anywhere in the country and participate in the site’s play-money games. However, to participate in real-money games you must be located physically within New Jersey’s borders.

Can I gamble online if I leave New Jersey?

No. Even if you are a New Jersey resident and an approved player (you have passed a KYC check) you will not be allowed to participate in real-money games once you leave the state.

The site’s geo-location tracking will disallow you from playing in games once you are outside of New Jersey. You will still be able to access your account page and funds.

How will an online site in New Jersey know if I am in New Jersey?

The initial KYC check will verify a player’s address. To verify a player’s current location the sites will use a combination of IP verification and geo-location tracking. This tracking is done by companies that are licensed in New Jersey.

What is the procedure for depositing at an online gaming site in New Jersey?

You can deposit with:

  • Credit and debit cards
  • Electronic Checks (ACH)
  • Bank Wires
  • Cash
  • Prepaid cards

There are additional options approved by regulators and offered by the online casinos.

How will I receive my money when I withdraw from the site?

To withdraw from your online gaming account you must first meet any criteria set forth by the site. Then it is simply a matter of selecting the withdrawal method you would like to use from the listed options at the site. A second option is to request a withdrawal in person at the cashier cage of the casino.

Do employees of the online casino or poker site have access to my banking and credit card details?

No. NJ online casinos are no different than any other online merchant, with the same restrictions regarding information and account access.

Are there any daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly deposit limits?

Yes. Players in New Jersey can set their own limits. There are also wagering limits and time limits that players can set.

Are play-money games available?

Yes. Play money games are available for players in New Jersey as well as for players outside the state.

Are online gaming providers required to run games fairly?

Yes. All games offered online must be approved by regulators and meet with the state’s requirements for licensed casino games. Additionally, the rules for all online games must be clearly posted.

Is my money safe at these online casinos?

All of the online casinos and poker sites that we list are subject to regulation and oversight from New Jersey authorities, and are required to take multiple steps in order to ensure the safety and security of player funds.

 How do NJ casino bonuses work?

Free money (also called no deposit bonuses) are a pretty simple idea. They give new players a small amount of bonus cash or free spins so that they can give an online casino a "try before they buy."

This type of promotion is common at regular casinos. It's quite popular at NJ gambling websites as well.

For example, Betfair NJ offers new players $30 free in bonus money, and Golden Nugget has a similar free play offer.

Deposit bonuses work differently and require a player to make a deposit to get the bonus.

In both cases, you are getting bonus money. That's not the same as real cash. Learn more about NJ online casino bonuses here.

Do you have a list of the NJ online casino bonus codes?

Yes. We track all of the top available bonus codes and promo codes at NJ online casinos and bring them together into a single list.

View the list of NJ online casino bonus and promo codes here.

Can I file a dispute if I feel I have been treated unfairly?

Yes. Players can contact the New Jersey DGE if they feel they have been treated unfairly. The DGE has a process for handling player disputes posted on their website.

What games are available online in New Jersey?

Any casino game that is approved for use on a casino floor in New Jersey is approved for online play. It is up to the individual sites to decide what games they offer.

Among the games players will find at online gambling sites in New Jersey are:

  • Blackjack
  • Roulette
  • Craps
  • Poker
  • Slot Machines
  • Video Poker
  • Pai Gow Poker
  • Baccarat
  • Three Card Poker

Can an online casino ban me from playing?


Just like at brick & mortar casinos, online casinos on New Jersey have the capability to ban players. Players who feel they have been unjustly banned can file a report with the New Jersey DGE. If you are banned from one online casino you will be barred from all online casinos in New Jersey.

Can I self-exclude myself from participating in online gaming in New Jersey?


Any person can self-exclude themselves from participating in online games in New Jersey by visiting the website. Additionally, players can impose deposit limits on themselves that go above and beyond the limits imposed on the gaming sites.

Is there information available for problem gamblers?

Yes. Information on problem gambling and where to receive help for problem gambling can be found at the website.

If I am banned at a casino in New Jersey can I play online?

No. Any individual who is on the banned list in New Jersey cannot play online in New Jersey.

NJ Licensed Online Casinos


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